We exist to inspire and strengthen you and your spouse to experience God's favor on your forever.

The FAVORITE Marriage

smiling man and woman inside tipi tent
smiling man and woman inside tipi tent

Tools For Your Marriage Toolbox!

The Favorite Marriage is here to equip every couple with practical tools for their marriage toolbox. We want to help guide your marriage towards a deeper love and intimacy according to God's design. We believe any couple, in any season, can have... "The Favorite Marriage."

The Favorite Marriage Podcast

Tune into our podcast episodes where we address relevant marriage topics such as communication, intimacy, and conflict. Get ready to be inspired, learn practical tips, and discover how to cultivate deeper love and happiness in your own marriage. Whether you are in the honeymoon years or the golden years, you will find The Favorite Marriage Podcast enjoyable and encouraging.

The Favorite Marriage was recently recognized as one of the 40 Best Marriage Podcasts in 2024.

The Date Night Challenge

2 women sitting on blue leather chair holding white and red plastic cups2 women sitting on blue leather chair holding white and red plastic cups

Welcome to the Date Night Challenge, in which couples are challenged to go on one of three dates in the next 30 days. The three suggested Date Night ideas are the Fun Date, Romantic Date, and Communication Date. The goal of the Date Night Challenge is to build increased fulfillment and satisfaction in the marriage. Couples are encouraged to share their Date Night Challenge with pictures on their social media account with #TheFavoriteMarriage.

You can listen to the Healthy Habits of Dating podcast for details on the three suggested Date Night ideas.

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